MFB 50% Weight Loss Plan


Beneficial For:

  • Weight Loss
  • Faster metabolism
  • Increased burn rate of carbohydrates and fats
  • Appetite control
  • Decreased fat absorption
  • Increased satiety (without bloating)
  • Increased energy levels
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Constipation
  • Bowel regularity
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride levels,
  • Type 2 adult-onset of diabetes
  • Dietary fibre and nutrient intake


Easy step-by-step guide to using the 50% Weight Loss Plan:

Mealtime Menu MFB Food/Supplements
Breakfast One serving of our mealtime product plus one egg, one slice of toast, one rasher of bacon, 50ml yogurt. Or Oats or high Fibre low sugar serial 75 grams plus Water 500 ml 2 Tablets MFB Thin Accelerator, 2 tablets MFB Garcinia Cambogia
Mid-morning snack A Rice Cracker type snack plus Water 500ml
Lunch A light meal of greens and whites. Green salads, white meats, one small portion of starch or bread plus Water 500 ml 2 tablets MFB Garcinia Cambogia
Afternoon Snack One slice of High Fibre bread sandwich plus Water 500ml
Evening meal One serving of our mealtime product, 50 gram of white chicken meat plus two tablespoons of green vegetables or 50% of the meal that the rest of your family eats. Starters, mains and desert if applicable not more than half a plate plus Water 500ml 2 Tablets MFB Thin Accelerator, 2 tablets MFB Garcinia Cambogia
Later evening snack Water 500ml, One tot 25ml of whiskey or other clear spirit mixed with water or ice . 3 tablets MFB Dietary Fibre